Flagpole Installation
Our team has been installing flagpoles in the area since 2007. Since then we have installed thousands poles in SW Ohio, SE Indiana, and Northern Kentucky. You can always find examples of most recent projects on our Facebook page. Fill out the form below if you are interested, and one of our team members will be in touch.

Flagpole Installation Updates

Flagpoles 1024 768 The National Flag Company

We have a pretty good inventory of both commercial and residential flagpoles at the moment. Flag season is here. Get your new pole before Memorial Day.

more flagpole projects
more flagpole projects 1024 1024 The National Flag Company

We will be installing more flagpoles this year than ever before! Thank you Tri-State area for wanting to show your patriotism and counting on National Flag.

august installs
august installs 1024 768 The National Flag Company

We have been all over the place both in terms of where at in the tri-state and what kind of pole. Residential and Commercial – Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky. If you’re interested in getting a flagpole installed fill out our quote on the installation page.

recent flagpole projects
recent flagpole projects 1024 1024 The National Flag Company

New Paint, New Pulley, New Rope, New Snap Hooks, New Ball Top, New Flag Residential Install, waiting for concrete to cure before adding the flag. 50ft. Flagpole Installation

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National Flag is back installing flagpoles after a month long COVID 19 shutdown. Our team will be out every day, weather permitting. If you already placed an order with us we will be on site soon. If your interested in a flagpole at your home or business fill out our Request Form to start the…

Wintry installs
Wintry installs 1024 768 The National Flag Company

The winter doesn’t give us many good days to do our flagpole installations but the work has to be done. Our crew is definitely looking forward to spring.

Recent Flagpole Installations