The National Flag Company
Since 1869

President Arthur Schaller Jr.

The National Flag Co., located in Cincinnati, OH, is a small, family owned flag and banner manufacturer, that has been in business for over 150 years. Originally started by our founders named Spencer & Craig, there has been a Schaller at the Flag Co. since 1903. George Schaller started at the ripe age of 12 and put in 73 years of flag-making, retiring in 1976.

Art Schaller Sr., who joined his Uncle George in 1948, took time off to join the Army & fight in the Korean War, was happy to find he could continue his career as a flag-maker upon his return from service. He rose to the Presidential level in 1977 and ran NFC until the year 2000.

His son Lawrence took over from 2001-2005, & Art Schaller Jr., the current President, is proudly leading the company into it’s 150th year of operation.

The National Flag Company has built and maintained an excellent reputation for all of the quality products we manufacture. Our custom applique flags are some of the finest made in the USA.

As manufacturers, we provide wholesale pricing for retailers across the country, as well as retail pricing for local customers who want to buy direct.

In 2007 we became a full-service Flag Co, offering flagpole installations & repairs. It did not take us long to become known as the regions “Flagpole Professionals” with 1000’s of satisfied customers, both residential & commercial.

Thankfully, Art Schaller Jr., attributes the Company’s success & longevity to, “Great Customers who desire a Great Product manufactured by Great Employees”.