Factory Tours are Cancelled during this time
We couldn't be more proud of our family-owned operation. Our employees are our family, and the work they do is second to none. Stop by and see how all of the magic happens. Read below for more details on our factory tours; part of our 150th anniversary celebration.


  • Factory Tours are $4.00 a person.
  • We will walk you through our flag making process and give you a 4×6” hand held U.S. flag printed on our 110-year-old Huber Printing Press. This machine is an awe-inspiring piece of our history!
  • Our main entrance does have a flight of stairs.
  • We have factory breaks at 9:50am and 2:30 pm.  The best times for factory tours are 10am or 1 pm Monday thru Thursday but we can schedule anytime.  Parking is limited so it is best for big groups to carpool or travel by bus.
  • Tours take roughly 35 minutes.
Factory Tour Request Form

If you are interested in a factory tour, fill out the form below and someone will be in touch with you to get one scheduled! Thank you for your interest!

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